UNSW Science ranks in the world's top 50 universities for natural and life sciences and biomedicine, and top university in the State by the Government's "Excellence in Research Australia" process.

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The Psychology Clinic

The Clinical Psychology Unit (CPU) at UNSW is internationally recognised for translating cutting edge research into practical, evidence-based interventions for people facing psychological issues in every phase of life, from educational challenges, through to relationship difficulties, specific anxieties, mood disorders, and disorders in brain function such as brain injuries and dementia.
The Psychology Clinic offers affordable psychological services of a high standard for the general public. The services are provided by trainee clinical psychologists who are supervised during their internship in the Clinic. The Clinic does not charge a fee as such but does require a contribution from clients towards costs. At $15 per session this represents just a small contribution towards the costs involved in operating such a service.

The Children's Mental Health Research Fund

The Child Behaviour Research Clinic within the School of Psychology conducts clinical research looking at the causes, assessment, and treatment of early-onset mental health problems in children and their families. The major areas of interest includes the development and treatment of conduct problems, aggression and antisocial behavior in young children, the most common referral to all child and adolescent mental health clinics in Australia.

The Children’s Mental Health Research Fund will be used to fund staff who work on the specific projects with families, postgraduate and postdoctoral student research scholarships, and special equipment infrastructure.

For more information go to The Children's Mental Health Research Fund website.

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UNSW Optometry Clinic

The School of Optometry and Vision Science Optometry Clinic is a service available to everybody. During Session, eye examinations by supervised senior students are carried out free-of-charge.
For more information got to the UNSW Optometry Clinic website

Faculty of Science Scholarship Fund

The Faculty of Science prides itself on giving the best learning and teaching environment to all its students. On occasion students need some financial support to attend and remain at University. Your generosity could make a lifelong impact for a student studying Science at UNSW by helping them achieve their goals while not having to worry about their finances.

Help give the gift of education to someone who needs it today.

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The Australian Tsunami Research Fund

The Australian Tsunami Research Centre (ATRC) is a global leader in tsunami research. The centre carries out research into all aspects of tsunamis, from responding to immediate post-tsunami assessments, to the search for evidence of prehistoric events, and public education and awareness.  The work of the ATRC is globally relevant as research is being used to inform new emergency risk management policy in Australia, Australasia, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the Americas. Senior staff are recognised global leaders in their fields of expertise.

This fund has been established to support the ATRC in their research efforts. Donations will be used to support people and research costs associated with tsunami related projects around the world and to allow ATRC staff to participate in immediate post-tsunami disaster situations.

For more information go to The Australian Tsunami Research Centre website

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