As one of the world’s top 50 medical faculties, UNSW Medicine is building the future of healthcare. Our leading educators, researchers and clinicians are translating discoveries into breakthrough cures, therapies and treatment strategies and turning high achieving students into caring healthcare professionals with globally recognised qualifications. It takes ongoing innovation and bright minds to meet the formidable global, national and local challenges of ageing populations, increasingly complex medical treatments and stretched healthcare budgets.

There are many ways to support the work of UNSW Medicine including donations that assist students, researchers and found our buildings, or gifts of significant items that will enhance our Museum of Human Disease. We are grateful to our donors for their generosity and foresight in creating scholarships, supporting innovative research, establishing partnerships and assisting community engagement.

Your contribution is the catalyst for discovery, and so we invite you to contact our Director of Development to discuss opportunities to ensure that vital advances continue.

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Development Director, Medicine & Science
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A selection of medical research initiatives undertaken at UNSW which you may wish to support are featured below:

Giving to Cancer Research

Medical research has transformed the outlook for cancer patients in recent decades. We understand more about how cancer develops at a molecular, cellular and tissue level, and how cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and palliation can be improved. This has led to a significantly better outlook for patients.  Every patient’s cancer is unique, and requires a targeted approach to treatment. Understanding how best to do this is the fundamental challenge facing cancer research today.

Our cancer research aims to benefit individuals at all stages of their encounter with cancer – from prevention through better screening to earlier and more accurate detection and diagnosis, drug discovery, more effective treatments, and clearer insights into the needs of cancer survivors. 

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Lowy Cancer Research Centre

The UNSW Lowy Cancer Research Centre is a cross-disciplinary team whose work spans the laboratory sciences, clinical practice and health policy. It is one of the largest dedicated cancer research centres in the Southern Hemisphere and the first in Australia to bring adult and childhood cancer research under one roof.

Our cancer research aims to benefit individuals at all stages of their encounter with cancer – from prevention through better screening to earlier and more accurate detection and diagnosis, drug discovery, more effective treatments, and clearer insights into the needs of cancer survivors.

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The Olle Fund for Brain Cancer Research

Dedicated to the memory of journalist Andrew Olle who died from a brain tumour, donations received to this fund are used for vital brain cancer research under the direction of the Head of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation Neuro-Oncology Group at UNSW - world leaders in personalised medicine for brain cancer.

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Cancer Cell Immortality Group

The Cancer Cell Immortality Group is part of the UNSW Adult Cancer Program. The Group undertakes basic research in cancer cell immortality mechanisms and uses this knowledge and know-how to develop new cancer therapeutics and diagnostics.  The Group has developed the only specific biomarker and quantitative assay for the ALT (Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres) immortality mechanism, which now makes it possible to generate novel ALT-targeted therapeutics and diagnostics, as well as furthering our understanding of the ALT cellular immortality mechanism.

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Giving to Infectious Diseases, Immunity and Inflammation Research

Infectious diseases and diseases that compromise the immune system or cause inflammation are one of the greatest medical challenges of our time. While there have been great advances in combatting blood-borne viruses such as HIV and viral hepatitis, these diseases are increasing worldwide and affect people of all ages, genders and socio-economic groups.

UNSW Medicine has an international reputation for making a significant global contribution to some of the world’s most difficult health challenges in the area of infection, immunity and inflammation.  We study every aspect of these diseases, from their biological basis through to clinical trials of antimicrobials and anti-inflammatory agents, epidemiological studies and population health research.

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Giving to Neuroscience, Mental Health and Addiction Research

Research into the brain is promising answers to some of the most pressing health challenges of the twenty-first century: ageing, mental health, neurological and drug and alcohol disorders. Collectively, these problems are a leading cause of disability in Australia.

Our research into neuroscience and behaviour spans the basic neurosciences, psychiatry, psychology, addiction, neurology and neurosurgery. Through our university-wide affiliations, our researchers are producing world-leading research into brain structure and function, ageing and dementia, mental illness and drugs and alcohol.

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National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre

NDARC is internationally recognised for the quality of its research and is a World Health Organisation Collaborating Research Centre.  NDARC also houses the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre, the Drug Policy Modelling Program and the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Mental Health and Substance Use.

The Centre aims to generate high quality research and evidence that can be put into practice in order to develop and improve approaches to both prevention and treatment of addiction related problems.

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UNSW’s Mindgardens initiative is the largest partnership of its kind in Australia and the first comprehensive brain disorders centre. It brings bring together a network of internationally-recognised researchers and clinicians to take the lead in the management of complex clinical conditions with physical, behavioural, mental and social dimensions across the lifespan. Its members are UNSW, SESLHD and St Vincent’s Hospitals, SESLHD Mental Health and Drug Health Services, NeuRA and the Black Dog Institute.

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Centre for Health Brain Ageing

Our Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing aims to translate recent advances in neuroscience to improve the prevention, early detection, and treatment of age-related disorders, in particular brain diseases. This work includes molecular research, research into neuronal systems and neuroimaging, and clinical, epidemiological and sociological research which aim to inform policy

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