President & Vice-Chancellor thanks Staff Donors

On Wednesday 12 July, President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Jacobs hosted a Staff Giving Appreciation Afternoon Tea to thank and recognise UNSW Staff who have made financial contributions to the University.

The President and Vice-Chancellor, together with members of the Executive Team; Professor Brian Boyle (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Enterprise), Fiona Docherty (Vice-President International, Media and Marketing), Professor Ross Harley (Dean UNSW Art & Design), Shahina Mohamed (Operations Director), Jon Paparsenos (Vice-President Philanthropy), Professor Chris Styles (Dean UNSW Business), David Ward (Vice-President Human Resources) and Scientia Professor George Williams (Dean UNSW Law) donned in chef’s hats and aprons and served the donors afternoon tea.

“I am delighted to be here this afternoon. It’s fun for the leadership team to dress up in chef’s costumes and serve you afternoon tea, as a symbol of our gratitude for your generosity,” said Professor Ian Jacobs.

Professor Ian Jacobs applauded philanthropic giving and highlighted the special nature of staff who work at an organisation, donating to projects run by it.

“Thank you for your support and for your vision which makes a significant contribution to our philanthropic programs,” said Professor Jacobs.

Staff at UNSW are donating to funds that support students through scholarships, prizes or awards and research. They are giving through Workplace Giving, community fundraising platforms and online donations. Some of the most popular areas that staff contribute to include Nura Gili, the ASPIRE program, medical and cancer research, refugee law and photovoltaics.

Professor Ross Harley told guests that his passion in the arts was fuelled by the opportunity provided by a bursary and he was pleased he was now in a position to give back by support the Vic Chapman Equity Awards in Art & Design.

President & Vice-Chancellor Alumni Scholarship recipient Carthy Vuong, fourth year Media Arts student, also spoke at the event about the impact philanthropy has had on her life and how it has enabled her to persuade an artistic passion.

“This scholarship is the most tremendous opportunity that has ever been presented to me and it has encouraged me to not let fear get in the way of discovering my full potential,” said Carthy.

UNSW Library Coffee Cart also supported the event with complimentary coffee to Staff donors and we are grateful to Gastronomy for their contribution to the ASPIRE program.

Photos from the event are available online here.

Find out how you can support UNSW through Workplace Giving.

For more information about this event, contact stewardship[at][dot]au.



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