Global travel scholarship opens doors for Built Environment, Engineering and AGSM students

When Alex Boyarsky graduated with his MBA at UNSW in 1969, the University was just twenty years old, and the AGSM would not be established for another eight years.

It was early days for management education in Australia, with few opportunities for international study exchanges.
The Boyarskys are a true UNSW family. Alex, his wife Vera, (BA ’70), their daughter Michelle (BA ’91, MA ‘93) and son Andrew (BE ’97, MBA 2000), are all graduates of the University.

To build on their passion for business education from a global perspective, the family established the Boyarsky International Travel Scholarship Endowment in 2001.

The Boyarskys recently re-committed to continue supporting two scholarships of $7,000 each, for two students to study overseas for one semester every year; one Undergraduate student in the Faculty of Built Environment or the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and one AGSM MBA student.

After completing his Bachelor of Building and MBA from UNSW, Alex founded Anka Property Group with only “a wheelbarrow and a shovel”, according to Vera.

The Boyarskys built the company into an international powerhouse, developing home units, condominium towers, community and neighbourhood centres, office buildings, major retail centres, light industrial complexes, schools and hospitals across Australia and the Pacific.

Over the last decade, they’ve also established a major presence in the US, developing shopping centres and condominiums.
While completing his MBA at the AGSM, their son Andrew spent a semester at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and Vera believes all students should have this experience.

“When Andrew was completing his MBA, there were students in his class who did not have the financial means to go on exchange; they had the talent, the ambition and the leadership skills – just not the funds. They weren’t given the opportunity, and we wanted to do what we could to make sure future students don’t miss out,” Vera says.

“We established these scholarships to ensure that committed students, who are just at the beginning of their careers, and talented mid-management students have the opportunity to study overseas irrespective of their financial situation.”

MBA student Virginia Kane is the most recent recipient of the Boyarsky AGSM International Travel Scholarship. She has travelled to London Business School this semester to enhance her global perspective on business studies, connect with organisational behaviour experts and attend a Women in Business Conference.

In her role as the AGSM Student Society President, Kane is also using the exchange to observe how students and graduates at London Business School maximise their networking opportunities across their clubs and societies.

“Going on exchange to London Business School has provided me the opportunity to experience a different MBA perspective and build truly global networks,” she says.

“Aligned with my interests, London Business School is renowned for classes and faculty in Organisational Behaviour, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship, which have complemented my core and elective courses at the AGSM. I’m very grateful for this scholarship opportunity.”

If you would like further information on how you can donate to the business faculty, please contact Laura Goldsmith on 02 93855758 or l.goldsmith[at][dot]au


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