Name:                         Paul Koffel

Graduating Year:       1998

Degree:                       Bachelor of Arts/Law

UNSW Volunteer:       Chair of the UK Foundation Board of UNSW


What inspired you to study the degree you chose?

A motivation to support and guide others, an interest in politics, economics and society, and an enthusiasm for solving complex problems.

What led you to your current position and chosen career path?

An openness to exploring new opportunities and to taking risks. I had the privilege of working for a number of years as a lawyer in prestigious international firms in Sydney and London, but I was ultimately very keen to make the switch from adviser to business principal. Coller Capital, which I joined a decade ago, is a leading player in a growing and dynamic segment of the private equity market. So, exploring new opportunities in search of appropriate risk-adjusted returns is what we do on behalf of some of the largest and best known institutional investors in the world.

What has led you to reside in the United Kingdom?

A desire to live, work and raise my children in an international setting. I am fortunate to count amongst my friends and colleagues the most extraordinary collection of talented and inspiring people from all around the world.

What are your fondest memories from your time studying at UNSW?

Open, lively and spirited conversations on the Library Lawn, and evenings enjoyed at the Roundhouse. But most of all, getting to know the amazing person who has been my wife and best friend for the last fifteen years.

If you could have given your ‘uni self’ some advice what would it have been?

It is never too early to develop relationships or too difficult to nurture and sustain them.

Why did you decide to join the UK Foundation Board?

To help make UNSW a pre-eminent global university and to help put in place the long-term funding programmes that will educate and transform the lives of future generations of young Australians.


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