Name:                         Emeritus Professor Graham Davies

                                    Former Dean of Engineering

UNSW Volunteer:      Director of the UK Foundation Board of UNSW


What inspired you to study the degree you chose?

I have always been interested in Science and Engineering, ever since my first Chemistry set. It’s based on curiosity to see how things work and how one can make them better.

What led you to your current position and chosen career path?

After my PhD I worked for many years as an engineer in the Research Labs for British Telecom becoming a Director in charge of BT’s Research Programme. I then decided I wanted a change and joined the University of Birmingham as Dean. I was then head hunted to be Dean of Engineering at UNSW. Once there I regretted not joining UNSW earlier as I loved the life and the people in UNSW.

What has led you to reside in the United Kingdom?

Family reasons brought me back to the UK. I would have stayed as I was settled in Sydney and had become an Australian citizen.

What are your fondest memories from your time studying at UNSW?

It’s always the people that make the difference and I had great teams both above me and below me. It was a privilege to lead such an internationally known Faculty.

If you could have given your ‘uni self’ some advice what would it have been?

Build good teams and empower them to be themselves and make decisions then look after them.

Why did you decide to join the UK Foundation Board?

It was the thought that I could work with the group and give something back to the university whilst I was in the UK.


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