UNSW Arts & Social Sciences is a leading research Faculty for Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative and Performing Arts in Australia. 

As educators we produce graduates who join the workforce as highly skilled teachers and social workers, rigorous researchers and policy makers, creative visionaries, change makers, communicators, and global citizens. Our graduates continue to make their mark on the world, from Australia’s former Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, to Oscar winning film producer, Emile Sherman.

As researchers we aim to bring about social and cultural change in the areas of Social Policy, Education & Health; Development, Rights & Security; and Contemporary Humanities & Creative Arts. The research of our academics and centres is focused on community engagement and we are recognised internationally for our research excellence. The means that our research has enduring value for the community.

Your support can help to give talented students who face disadvantage the opportunity to study at one of Australia’s top Arts and Social Sciences faculties, help increase our ability to attract outstanding academics from leading universities to teach here in Australia, or help us provide solutions to the most significant social issues affecting the globe.

Choose the project you wish to support from the list below or for more information about giving to Arts and Social Sciences contact philanthropy[at]unsw.edu[dot]au.

Indigenous PhD Scholarships

 It is our role to train the next generation of Indigenous academics, scholars and researchers, and we are pleased to see a number of Indigenous students graduating from our PhD programs.  But we need more. 

Through the support of PhD scholarships we can examine the important question of the art of Indigenous policy-making, and test their effectiveness and appropriateness – with research projects examining concepts and practices such as reconciliation, dialogue, restorative justice and evidence based policy development.

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Scholarships in the Performing Arts

The School of the Arts & Media hosts a vibrant hub of performing arts activity where scholarships to support our students are in significant need.  The School is a rich and diverse environment which enables students to engage in theoretical, practical and creative approaches to academic study.  In the recent Excellence in Research in Australia report the School was recognised as a national and international leader in performing arts research as well as a number of other areas.

With your support we can give students the exciting opportunity to study at the School of the Arts & Media, motivating them to succeed and stay focused on their aspirations in the performing arts.

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Global Human Rights, Well-Being & International Development

 Arts and Social Sciences at UNSW is renowned for engaging in academic and practical ways with key contemporary social issues.  This includes an impressive record of partnerships, engagement and research in global human rights, health, well-being and international development, including the work of the Centre for Refugee Research, the Journalism and Media Research Centre, the National Centre for HIV Social Research and the Social Policy Research Centre.  These Centres have had significant social impact, from informing policy which addresses child poverty and inequality in the Asia Pacific, to the development of new protection tools for at risk populations by UNHCR.

For more information contact UNSW Philanthropy.
Ph: +61 2 8936 4700

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Scholarships in Languages

Supporting a language as a discipline strengthens the relationship between Australia and the country of language origin by enhancing our linguistic and cultural expertise.  Increased language skills and socio-cultural knowledge is also critical to working in foreign policy, diplomacy, business and trade, making our graduates highly employable.

A “Named” scholarship will support a student for the entirety of their tertiary education, enabling the student to reach their ambitions and educational goals.  Scholarships act as both recognition of achievement and provide an opportunity for students to reach higher than they aspire for in their academic and life goals.  Scholarships alleviate the burden of relocating costs, text books, clothes and other expenses enabling students to focus on their studies.  

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