At UNSW, with the support and generosity of our alumni and supporters, and with students, staff and the community working together we aspire to continuously improve our position as a leading research intensive university in Australia and a peer in good standing with the best globally, with strong traditions of excellence, innovation and social justice.

Giving to UNSW is all about people – going the extra mile to support researchers, provide opportunities for students and create partnerships that positively impact our community and people's lives.

And it is our donors who make the difference.

 “If we didn’t raise additional funds we wouldn’t have the great university that we have. While we are called a public university, we’re really not public anymore – and people need to understand that.” 
Jason Coombs
Director of Strategy for the Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor

 “To receive any postdoctoral fellowship is a privilege, but to receive one as the result of a donation is a particular honour, and it brings with it a particular sense of responsibility.” 
Dr Caroline Wake
School of the Arts and Media, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Donors and students tell their stories below.