UNSW & Study Abroad - Friends and US Alumni Inc

UNSW & Study Abroad - Friends and US Alumni Inc, is a 501(C) (3) organization providing a range of activities for UNSW graduates based in the US including:

  • events for alumni and friends throughout the year
  • university exchanges for staff and students
  • guest lectures by graduates and experts in their field
  • opportunities to donate to UNSW enhancing students' lives, building on UNSW research efforts and supporting the University's goals


If you need further information about giving from the United States please contact:

Ivan Shin
Executive Director, International Development
UNSW Sydney
P: +61 (2) 9385 2799
E: i.shin[at]unsw.edu[dot]au

Keri Bell,
Acting Corporate Secretary, Division of Philanthropy
UNSW Sydney
P: +61 2 8936 4733
E: k.bell[at]unsw.edu[dot]au

Steph Morison
Development Manager, North America
UNSW Sydney
P: +61 403 605 776
E: s.morison[at]unsw.edu[dot]au


UNSW & Study Abroad - Friends and US Alumni Inc is a charitable entity under US law and all donations are fully tax deductible in the US. 100% of your donation goes to the fund of your choice. UNSW & Study Abroad – Friends and US Alumni Inc, uses a secure paper to issue all donation receipts.  The receipt is issued only by UNSW Foundation office from its office in Sydney, Australia and then directly sent to the donor. Nobody else is authorised to issue receipts on behalf of UNSW & Study Abroad – Friends and US Alumni Inc

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How to give:
To make a donation by cheque:

  • Make the cheque out to: UNSW & Study Abroad - Friends and US Alumni Inc
  • Mail the cheque to:

UNSW C/o GHS Philanthropy
275 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016



General Scholarships and Fellowships
It is a major priority of the University to support both students and faculty. This is accomplished through contributions in the form of undergraduate and post graduate scholarships and through Faculty Fellowships. Scholarships enable students who might not be able to attend University, because costs are prohibitive, to obtain a degree. Fellowships enable Faculty to travel to another university to pursue their research.

Study Abroad Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund allows US students to spend a semester or more at UNSW as part of their education. Students will typically be undertaking studies at a US University and will receive course credit for their studies at UNSW.

The US/Aust Scholarship and Fellowship 
Exchange Programs are a valuable initiative to help both American students and scholars travel to The University of New South Wales to study or teach, and UNSW students and scholars to undertake their studies or research at an American university.  

Peter Hearl BCom '73 UNSW

The Peter & Helen Hearl Undergraduate US Exchange Scholarship and The Peter & Helen Hearl Postgraduate US Exchange Scholarship.

“I support UNSW because of my belief in what the University is doing to develop future leaders in all walks of life”

Robyn Denholm MCom '99 UNSW

The Denholm Scholarship in Business at the Australian School of Business.

"The main reason for the scholarship is really just giving back to someone who is coming through the university and needs a bit of help to take advantage of university life. I'm grateful for my education because it was a great foundation for moving forward."


Professor David Sinclair BSc '92 PhD '96 UNSW

Professor David Sinclair Post Doctoral Scholarship

“My wife and I have both been fortunate in our lives. We want others to have the same opportunities we’ve had. That’s why we wanted to give back to UNSW where it all started.”


UNSW & Study Abroad - Friends and US Alumni Inc, Board of Directors:

Mr Charles Grant (Chair)
Mr Joshua Young
Mr Martin Kelly
Mr Kevin Lott
Ms Madeleine Tan
Mr Karl Chong
Ms Kathryn Ritchie
Mr Jon Paparsenos
Mr Ivan Shin (Ex-Officio)

UNSW & Study Abroad - Friends and US Alumni Inc, Patron:

Dr Douglas Daft AC

View the US Board of Directors bios here.